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Smart puddle lights

THIS POST IS IN PROGRESS PROGRESS 63% I’d love to dive straight forward into that project, as ...

Auto heated seats in winter

THIS POST IS IN PROGRESS PROGRESS 30% Why aren’t they switching on automatically on Jaguars, ...

Constant Battery power for 24H dashcam

Answering the most often asked question how to power up a dashcam in your Jaguar X-Type with a ...

3D model for Jaguar X-Type headlight adjuster

3D printing can be not only fun Use TinkerCAD to download or edit those 3D models. Preferable ...


In march 2022 I had to relocate from Russia to continue doing what I love most – creating useful updates for Jaguar cars.

Since then, I have been working on re-starting production on a new place.

I have big plans, stay tuned!

Recent Projects
Jaguar X-Type / S-Type / XJ SatNav Loom

Custom made SatNav Harness for an easy Plug’n’Play Touchscreen Display retrofit

Jaguar X-Type / S-Type / XJ Android integration

Work in progress

Bluetooth kits

Bluetooth modules will get an upgrade mid 2022


So tiny and so powerful!

Mirrors Auto-Folding

Folding mirrors from a key fob