Frequently Asked Questions

These Jaguar models are compatible with the Bluetooth mod:

  • Jaguar XJ8 (X350, X358) 2003 – 2009
  • Jaguar X-Type (X400) 2001 – 2009
  • Jaguar S-Type (X200) 2003 – 2008

Jagaux Bluetooth can be fitted in any radio (Navi screens or no screen versions). 

Your radio should have a CD or miniDisc player. Check, that it works and reads CDs.


And it is fairly simple! Thanks to the solderless installation 🙂

Depends on the audio system it is being installed on.

If your car is equipped with an OEM amplifier and subwoofer, then a Premium Bluetooth version should be fitted.

Press “Mode” and check if there is a “Sub” setting available.

If you have that setting, then it’s Premium audio. Otherwise a Standard one.

Your radio code should be written on a plastic security card. Might be in the glovebox or in the drivers manual.

You can call any Jaguar dealer and ask them to help. You will have to tell them your VIN and they’ll give you the code.

  1. Radio code generators (plenty online)
  2. Try a secret combination. Press at once “>>   A.MEM   PTY

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