JAGAUX Bluetooth.
Hands free calls.

The mod, which all of us waited so long is now available to install.



Answer phone calls while driving

High quality

CD-like sound quality (44.1KHz)


Use steering wheel buttons


Connect any phone and stream music



Stable connection up to 10 meters

Jaguar models
compatible with the mod

Jaguar XJ III (X350/X358)

Jaguar X-Type

Jaguar S-Type

What's so cool in it?

  • Neverending puzzle

    As you might know, the OEM Bluetooth module installed in some of Jaguar cars lacks the streaming feature. So that would mean buying Jaguar ACM (Audio Connectivity Module) to get both features.​

  • All-in-one!

    The Jagaux bluetooth adapter incorporates hands-free calls as well as audio streaming and wheel buttons control. You won't need anything else.​

  • Outfashioned oldtimer

    Usually Jaguar owners swapped their modern CD players to obsolete cassette one's in order to get the AUX port. That was the only acceptable way, as they use analogue audio signal (same as in other devices e.g. phones, tablets).​

  • Interior saved!​

    The adapter is connected via digital audio signal lines used in the CD radio units (!!!except premium cars!!!). No module swapping, no additional buttons to make calls.

  • Sacraficing the beloved​

    Having an AUX port in the CD radio usually means cutting off the CD function. That's how it was done, you had to choose.

  • CD's are staying!

    You don't need to say goodbye to your favorite CD discs, just switch between CD mode and Bluetooth whenever you feel!

  • Unfocused attention

    Having to have your phone connected through the AUX port or the FM-transmitter means using your phone while driving. Constant distractions could lead to serious consequences. Stay safe!

  • Enjoy your ride!

    Switch tracks forwards and backwards, pause and resume the playback, answer and cancel incoming phone calls with your hands on the wheel.


Adapters available for orders

Free shipping
1 year warranty
90-day returns

Phew... That was tough.
But finally! The new version is here!

2022 was tough. I had to burn it all down and start over. I have bought a new Jaguar in another country just to be able to continue this project.

Crazy, right? That was completely worth it! 🙂

No soldering, the easiest install process ever! See instructions.

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