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Please read carefully.

This is only a pre-order form for the kit.

Your order will be delivered in 2 months after payment.

I work on a pre-order basis at the moment. Right after you place the order I order all needed components and their delivery takes about 1.5 months.

Then I build a kit and send it to you. That may take additional 7 – 21 days.

Additional tax duties may arise depending on the country of shipping.



What is a conversion kit?

It’s a full set of wires and blocks that will upgrade a standard OEM display of Jaguar XJ (X350/X358), Jaguar S-Type, Jaguar X-Type (2002-2009) to a modern Android™ enabled NAVI.

All factory settings will stay same (Climate, Menus, Audio, etc.). Android will be on your ‘NAV’ button.

The kit will come with an instruction with a step-by-step installation guide. The whole installation process is non-invasive and in any time can be reverted back to stock!

No cutting, no soldering, no crimping to wires. The kit was designed to be plug’n’play, meaning literally that. During the installation the head unit has to be disassembled and assembled back. You will need a set of tools to do that (Torx and Phillips screwdriver).

Whole installation process takes ~3-5 hours.


Several important notes

  • You should have a display radio already installed in your car for the conversion. If you do not have a navi monitor, you will have to install that first.
  • Your radio should be a CD radio! It should be in a working condition. Test if it reads CDs.
  • Audio from Android will be playing in CD mode. You will not be able to switch back to CDs in the radio. But CDC will always stay.
  • Android will not have a phone feature. You will not be able to connect your phone for calls. But you can use your providers VoIP app for calls. Or Whatsapp / Telegram.
  • You will be able to control playback through steering wheel buttons or in the App.



  • It is blazingly fast. No lagging, super fast and precise reaction in all apps
  • Crispy, vivid colors bright display
  • Main app menu is crafted to resemble the Jaguars native menu
  • You can choose a unique set of apps, that will be set on the main screen only for you
  • Any additional apps can be preinstalled on-demand before shipping
  • You will be able to connect any USB device to the Android PC (1 USB port will be available), for example SIM Wi-Fi modem or a CarPlay USB adapter



  • 2 Camera inputs (Rear and Front). Cameras are not included.
  • 6 USB inputs (1 USB input available)
  • HDMI input
  • Works both with Premium or Standard audio systems
  • 4 GB RAM, 32 GB Storage, SD slot for additional storage
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (for music) connectivity
  • Android version 13



  • 1 Year full guarantee
  • 3 Months remote assistance after install


Kit will include

  • Jagaux main board
  • New display and touch screen set up
  • Android PC (Android v 13)
  • Set of connection wires
  • GPS / Glonass / Galileo Antenna
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Microphone



Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

XJ, S-Type, X-Type


Standard, Premium

Add CarPlay

No, Yes

Add Reversing Camera

No, Yes


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