Solderless Version
Installation Guide

Tools needed:

  • Torx 35 screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Pliers
This instruction describes the process of 
Jagaux Standard Bluetooth module installation, using Solderless Install Package 
This package can be purchased separately

Step 1

Remove radio module from the center console

Jaguar XJ

Play Video

Jaguar X-Type

Play Video

Jaguar S-Type

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Step 2

Get into the radio unit

  • Remove 4 screws (Torx 35) to get the unit out from the rails (2 screws on each side)
  • Unscrew the holding brackets and remove them (in non touchscreen version)
  • Unscrew the screws holding the upper lid and the power socket and remove the lid
  • Unscrew the CD module and remove it
  • Open the cable lock by pulling out it’s ends and remove the flex-cable
  • Get the daughter board out by unplugging it (pull upwards)

Step 3

Install wires

  • Install ribbon cable, that came with your Bluetooth
  • Put cables through the space, where daughter board was plugged in
  • Plug daughter board back and connect the other end of ribbon cable to the CD module
  • Assemble everything back

Standard version (cars with no OEM Amplifier)

Premium version (Alpine Sound System)

  • While in the car, locate main Radio unit’s cable
  • Locate the wire going to pin 18 on the radio connector (color may differ)
  • Use pliers on an easy clip-on wire, that came with the package

Jaguar model

Wire color

XJ X350 / X358




Both versions

Step 4

Connecting Jagaux adapter

Plug 'n' Play

  • Plug the wires according to photos
  • Microphone plugs into PINK socket. Make sure it’s in by pressing firmly on the jack
  • Microphone is barely noticeable, when installed at the mirror. If you will hide it behind the roof console, it could be hard to hear you for the caller

Standard version (cars with no OEM Amplifier)

Premium version (Alpine Sound System)

Step 5

Programming wheel buttons

Programming and testing

  • Turn ignition on
  • Locate programming button on Jagaux adapter. Press and hold till you see LEDs blink
  • Press Mute Forward Backward (Standard versions)
  • Press Mute – Mute – Forward – Forward – Backward (Premium versions)
  • Test them (each press will light up a corresponding LED)

Both versions

The job is done!

Enjoy your wireless bluetooth radio