AUX activation in
Jaguar XK/XKR

Required tools:

  • Diagnostic scanner (e.g., Mongoose Pro JLR)
  • JLR SDD software

Step 1


Check if activation of AUX is possible in your car.

AUX activation is possible in Jaguar XK/XKR cars manufactured from 2006 to 2010 with VIN numbers ending in B00001 – B32752.

For cars with different VIN numbers, this function will be absent in the dealer software.

Step 2

Charge the battery

To activate the AUX option, you will need a fully charged battery. The JLR SDD software will simply not allow modifications if the battery voltage is below 12.5 V.

In addition to a fully charged battery, it is highly advisable to connect both the battery and the laptop used for the firmware update to a charger.

Under no circumstances should you allow a situation where the laptop shuts down or there is a loss of power from the battery!


!Attention! If you do not understand what you are doing, entrust the work to a service center.  By proceeding, you agree that I am not responsible for any potential bricking of your car when using this instruction.

Step 3

AUX Activation

Factory AUX Activation Process

Ensure that you have the latest version of JLR SDD installed and that it has internet access to download the necessary firmware files.

Connect the scanner to the diagnostic port and launch JLR SDD.

1. Review the warnings and click ‘Continue’.

2. Turn on the ignition (press the Start button, but do not start the engine).

Click ‘Auto VIN Read’ for automatic detection or enter the VIN manually and press ‘Identify Vehicle’.

3. Wait for the application to reconfigure for vehicles manufactured before 2010.
4. If this scanner and software have been used with the car before, SDD will prompt you to either resume the previous session or start a new one.
5. Turn on the ignition. Press ‘Continue’.
6. Confirm that the ignition is on (press ‘Yes’).
7. In the main menu, select ‘Diagnosis’.
8. Choose the relevant diagnostic option. Press ‘Continue’.
9. Wait for the loading to complete.
10. A window with error codes will open. Navigate to the ‘Service Functions’ tab.
11. Locate ‘Add/remove accessories – Auxiliary audio input’ in the list and click ‘Run’.
12. Read and accept the agreement by clicking ‘Agree’.
13. Warning that on vehicles with VIN numbers B20075 – B21741, the instrument panel will not function after the update, and the car will not start. Further instructions for resolution will be provided in SDD. Click the green flag to proceed.
14. Another warning. Click the green flag to proceed.
15. Turn on the ignition. Click the green flag to proceed.
16. Battery charge check.
17. Verify that the voltage on the battery is not below 12.5 V! Click the green flag to proceed.
18. Turn off the ignition. Click the green flag to proceed.
19. Turn on the ignition. Click the green flag to proceed.
20. If there is no internet connection, a corresponding message will appear. Connect to the internet and click ‘Yes’.
21. A modal window will open, click ‘Next’ to continue.
22. Once the missing files are downloaded, you can proceed by clicking ‘Finish’.
23. Click the green flag to continue.

24. Firmware process initiation.

25. Turn off the ignition. Click the green flag to proceed.
26. Factory AUX activation was successful. Click the green flag to continue.

Step 4

Removing the car stereo

To access the connector for the AUX input, you need to remove the wooden panel and unscrew 6 bolts (star-shaped T20 and T30). Despite the simplicity of this procedure, take your time. Carefully study the location of the clips and use a tool to remove the frame. Before removing the car stereo, shift the selector to the “D” position and place a towel to prevent damage to the trim!

Location of all clips

Begin with the lower part
Final part
Location of the screws (star-shaped)

Step 5

Connecting the Jagaux Bluetooth adapter

The connection is as follows:

Remove the IP061 connector from the stereo and insert it into the adapter from the Jagaux installation kit. Then, insert the adapter back into the stereo.

Connect the ‘C’ wire to the red and white wire on the IP087 connector. This wire is responsible for controlling the steering wheel buttons.

Connect the ‘P’ wire to the black and white wire on the IP009 connector (auxiliary power socket). This way, Bluetooth will turn on and off with the ignition.

Remove the gray connector
Insert it into the adapter
Remove the green connector
Connect the ‘C’ wire
Carefully remove the side panel (3 clips). Excessive force may break the clips!
Remove the lower part (3 clips).
Free the glove compartment (5 Torx screws and 2 clips)
Connect the ‘P’ wire to the black and white wire.

Step 6

Programming the steering wheel buttons

Ensure that all wires are correctly connected.

The ‘C’ wire connects to the module’s 3.5mm jack marked with ‘C’.

The ‘B’ wire connects to the module’s 3.5mm jack marked with ‘B’.

The ‘P’ wire connects from the opposite side of the module.

If you don’t have a built-in Bluetooth, you can install the microphone (included with the module) and use the Jagaux module for hands-free calling. The microphone connects to the 3.5mm jack with a pink color.

The remaining empty 3.5mm jack connector can be used for connecting any wired device as an AUX.

Jagaux Bluetooth kit

Press the button for 3 seconds until you see the 3 LEDs light up and then go out.
Press the steering wheel buttons in the following sequence: Mute – Forward – Backward

All is ready!

Enjoy your new stereo with Bluetooth and hands-free calling.