Answering the most often asked question how to power up a dashcam in your Jaguar X-Type with a constant 12V source.

Jaguar X-Type 2001 - 2003

Jaguar X-Types 2001 – 2003 have constant powered cigarette lighter socket. (Owners claimed that on forums)

A quick search in the Electrical guide for 2002 X-Type gives us this scheme, which claims that Jag owners don’t smoke cigarettes. Only Cigars. And the socket might be either have the ignition switched (Key II position) or direct battery connection.


Wire 44 (OY – Orange Yellow) goes straight in to the “Central Junction Fuse Box” (renamed in future to “Passenger Junction Fuse Box”). Fuse number F68 15A.

So connecting a dashcam should be relatively easy by just tapping off from the cigar lighter wires. No other devices hanging on the fuse.

Jaguar X-Type 2004-2009

Starting from year 2004 option of having a cigar lighter constantly powered was removed.

So I would stick to that option ->

Best option for any car

While creating this post and searching through ton of schematics I have found this. Probably it is the best option to wire up a dashcam with constant power for just 5$.

OBD2 or DATA LINK CONNECTOR with 2 functions. You can choose it to power off in 5 minutes after the ignition was turned off or source power 24H, but protect from draining your battery. And it steps down from 12V to 5V. I would definately go with this solution.

You can order it here:

That’s my referral link to actual product on Aliexpress.

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