Installation Guide

Follow these instructions to get your Jag a new sound.

Tools needed:

  • Torx 35 screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Soldering iron + Flux + Soldering wire

Step 1

Remove radio module from the center console

Jaguar XJ

Play Video

Jaguar X-Type

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Jaguar S-Type

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Step 2

Get into the radio unit

  • Remove 4 screws (Torx 35) to get the unit out from the rails (2 screws on each side)
  • Unscrew the holding brackets and remove them (non touchscreen version)
  • Unscrew the screws holding the upper lid and the power socket and remove the lid
  • Unscrew the CD module and remove it
  • Open the cable lock by pulling out it’s ends and remove the flex-cable
  • Get the daughter board out by unplugging it (pull upwards)

Step 3


Remote controls and DC power

  • Feed the cables through the ventilation holes on the back of the unit. Put them through the lowest ones.
  • Solder the DC power cable to the GND (BLACK wire) and ACC (RED wire) dots
  • Solder the 3.5 jack cable (RED wire) to REMOCON dot

RCA cables

  • Feed the cables through the ventilation holes on the back of the unit
  • Solder the      RED     RCA cable wires (red and blue) to the main board
  • Solder the   WHITE   RCA cable wires (yellow and blue) to the CD transport

* For both wires you need to locate and solder on to the 4th contact

Step 4

Ribbon cable modification

Prepare the flex cable

  • Un-flex cable’s lower part
  • Isolate the 4th contact on the ribbon cable. You can either apply duct tape or cut it out. I find cutting it out easier, but if you are afraid of doing so, choose 1st option.

Step 5

Connecting Jagaux adapter

Plug 'n' Play

  • Plug the wires according to photos
  • Microphone plugs into PINK socket. Make sure it’s in by pressing firmly on the jack
  • Microphone is barely noticeable, when installed at the mirror. If you will hide it behind the roof console, it could be hard to hear you for the caller

Step 6

Programming wheel buttons

Programming and testing

  • Turn ignition on
  • Locate programming button on Jagaux adapter. Press and hold till you see LEDs blink
  • Press Mute Forward Backward
  • Test them (each press will light up a corresponding LED)

The job is done!

Enjoy your wireless bluetooth radio