JAGAUX Bluetooth
Cassette player edition

Tools needed:

  • Torx 35 screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Soldering iron + flux + tin
This instruction describes the process of 
JAGAUX Bluetooth module installation for Cassette player radios
This involves soldering

Step 1

Remove radio module from the center console

Jaguar XJ

Play Video

Jaguar X-Type

Play Video

Jaguar S-Type

Play Video

Step 2

Get into the radio unit

  • Unscrew the holding brackets and remove them (non touchscreen version)
  • Undo the screws holding the upper lid and the power socket and remove the lid
  • Unscrew the tape deck module and remove it
  • Get the daughterboard out by unplugging it (pull upwards)

Step 3



  • Solder the DC power cable to the GND (BLACK wire) and ACC (RED wire) dots
  • Solder ‘C’ cable to REMOCON dot

Tape deck

  • Cut tracks, marked with a white dashed line. Be careful not to damage the neighboring tracks!
  • Solder ‘A’ wire to the upper part of the PCB
  • Solder ‘B’ wire to the lower part of the PCB


Tape deck

  • Use a zip tie to secure ‘A’ and ‘B’ wires to the tape deck PCB
  • Put all wires through the opening, where daughterboard sits
  • Use another zip tie to combine wires ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ together and place them in the left corner
  • Route power cable under the daughterboard and to the right corner
  • Insert the daughterboard back, locking all wires in place
  • Assemble everything back


Step 4

Connecting Jagaux adapter

  • Plug all wires into the Bluetooth box according to the ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ labels
  • Microphone goes into PINK slot. Make sure it is plugged in to the end
  • Microphone is barely noticeable when installed behind the mirror 
  • If your car has an OEM Bluetooth for calls, you can omit installing an ext. mic

Step 5

Programming wheel buttons

  • Turn ignition on
  • Wait 10 seconds
  • Locate programming button on JAGAUX adapter. Press and hold it until you see 3 blue LEDs start blinking
  • Press teaching sequence (wheel buttons):


Mute – Forward – Forward – Backward

‘Mute’ will act as a Pause and can be used to pick up phone calls. But ‘Mute’ function will disappear.

Mute – Mute – Forward – Forward – Backward

‘Mute’ will remain intact and will work as before. Pause / Call pick up / hang will not be triggered on JAGAUX Bluetooth.


  • Test them (each press will light up a corresponding LED)


Working process

How to use JAGAUX Bluetooth?

Switch your radio to ‘Tape’ mode. You will need any cassette inserted and playing to do that. Connect your phone to ‘Jagaux’ and start the playback on your phone.

Will track skipping work with a cassette player?

Yes! I have found a way to trick the system and cancel cassette rewinding. Pressing wheel buttons will control track changes only on your phone!

Bluetooth will be available through the ‘Tape’ mode

What happens when the cassette changes side?

Sound will be cut off for a short period of that change (~1 sec). That is a downside of tape decks. Try finding a cassette tape with the maximum length. Cassettes with up to 150 minutes per side were produced back in the day.
Or you can try making an ‘endless loop’ cassette, following the instructions on the internet. Though I can not guarantee, that it will work. I haven’t tried that. 🙂

The job is done!

Enjoy your wireless bluetooth radio