Installation Guide

Follow these instructions to get your Jag a new sound.

Tools needed:

  • Torx 35 screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Soldering iron + Flux + Soldering wire

Premium version

This guide describes installation process of Jagaux adapter for cars with OEM amplifier
Installation guide for cars without OEM amplifier – Link

Step 1

Remove radio module from the center console

Jaguar XJ

Play Video

Jaguar X-Type

Play Video

Jaguar S-Type

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Step 2

Get into the radio unit

  • Remove 4 screws (Torx 35) to get the unit out from the rails (2 screws on each side)
  • Unscrew the holding brackets and remove them (non touchscreen version)
  • Unscrew the screws holding the upper lid and the power socket and remove the lid
  • Unscrew the CD module and remove it
  • Open the cable lock by pulling out it’s ends and remove the flex-cable
  • Get the daughter board out by unplugging it (pull upwards)

Step 3


  • Jagaux adapter kit includes all wires, carefully numbered and prepared to be soldered in. Though it’s not hard to do, having a soldering iron with a fine tip can help a lot!


Remote controls and DC power

  • Feed the cables through the ventilation holes on the back of the unit. Put them through the lowest ones.
  • Solder “1. Remote” cable (red wire) to REMOCON dot
  • Solder “4. Power 12V” cable to the GND (black wire) and ACC (red wire) dots
  • Secure cables with a zip tie (comes with the kit)

Sound cables

  • Feed the cables through ventilation holes on the back of the unit
  • Solder “2. Input” cable wires (red and green and  white ) to the CD transport
  • Solder “3. Output” cable wires (red and green and  white ) to the main board
  • Secure both cables with a zip tie (comes with the kit)

Step 4

Ribbon cable modification

Prepare the flex cable

  • Un-flex cable’s lower part
  • Isolate 1st and 3rd contacts on the ribbon cable. You can either apply duct tape or cut it out (carefully pry off with a sharp blade and tear away). I find cutting out easier, but if you are afraid of doing so, choose option A.

Step 5

Connecting Jagaux adapter

Plug 'n' Play

  • Plug the wires according to photos / or user manual
  • Microphone (comes with the kit) plugs into PINK socket.  Make sure it’s in by pressing firmly on the jack
  • Microphone is barely noticeable, when installed at the mirror. You might want to hide it behind the roof console, but I can’t guarantee that it will be loud enough (not tested with premium adapters yet)

Step 6

Programming wheel buttons

Programming and testing

  • Turn ignition on
  • Locate programming button on Jagaux adapter. Press and hold till you see LEDs blink
  • Press Mute – Mute – Forward – Forward – Backward
  • Test them (each press will light up a corresponding LED)


Connecting Bluetooth device

Set your radio unit in CD/TAPE mode. Bluetooth streaming will work only when the CD disc / Tape is in the radio and playing.

Jagaux Bluetooth adapter is powered with the ignition (Key in position I). Discoverable Bluetooth name is “CSR8645”. On successful pairing you will hear the connection sound. After first pairing, the Bluetooth module will try to auto-connect to the paired device on each start-up. If the connection is not established, you will hear a corresponding sound.


Programmed buttons (MuteForward, Backward) are used to control music playback, making phone actions
and switching modes. You can
pause, skip and rewind tracks played on the connected device by shortly pressing
the relevant buttons.

To answer / hang up calls shortly press Mute button.

To switch on the CD disc / Tape playback press and hold Mute button until you hear the CD / Tape input playing. To switch back to Bluetooth press and hold Mute again.

Hitting Mute 3 times fast in a row will dial up the last number you have called.

The job is done!

Enjoy your wireless bluetooth radio