Retrofitting SAT NAV Touch screen

This article describes SAT NAV unit retrofitting in Jaguar XJ X350/X358, S-Type and X-Type For the SATNAV retrofit you will need to obtain: Head unit with a display NAVI DVD module Climate control unit (except XJ) Wire Harness   Optionally: GPS antenna Mounting brackets and trunk trim Optical D2B cable 3-way connector to preserve other […]

Smart puddle lights

THIS POST IS IN PROGRESS PROGRESS 63% I’d love to dive straight forward into that project, as it seems to be a really cool feature. Jaguar X-Type can be retrofitted with the stock puddle lights, mounted in doors. They are connected to the interior light and will stay on with it. They could be found […]

Auto heated seats in winter

THIS POST IS IN PROGRESS PROGRESS 30% Why aren’t they switching on automatically on Jaguars, which were made before 2009? Heated windows and mirrors are activated on a cold start, but heated seats are activated only manually. My Jaguar X-Type and one of my client’s S-Type lacks this feature.  This post is my thoughts on […]

Constant Battery power for 24H dashcam

Answering the most often asked question how to power up a dashcam in your Jaguar X-Type with a constant 12V source. Jaguar X-Type 2001 – 2003 Jaguar X-Types 2001 – 2003 have constant powered cigarette lighter socket. (Owners claimed that on forums) A quick search in the Electrical guide for 2002 X-Type gives us this […]

3D model for Jaguar X-Type headlight adjuster

3D printing can be not only fun Use TinkerCAD to download or edit those 3D models. Preferable plastic – ABS. Printing time will depend on filling percentage. 1 – 2 hours overall.